The SOSeas Service aims to reduce drowning and accidents in aquatic spaces through the provision of an assessment tool for predicting the dynamic risk of drowning on beaches. In order to achieve the successful development of the SOSeas service, the following specific objectives were accomplished:


  • Objective 1: Obtain the cross-reference analysis between historic metocean conditions (Copernicus Marine Service Products) and the catalogue of events.


  • Objective 2: Set up an Artificial Neural Network that allows the identification of risks derived from dynamic metocean conditions (Copernicus Marine Service Products).


  • Objective 3: Develop an operational system that integrates the Artificial Neural Network and the metocean conditions (real time and forecasting Copernicus Marine Service Products) to provide tailored information about the dynamic and static risks of the beach.


Explore theĀ SOSeas Service:

  • User Requirements (available soon)
  • Use of Copernicus Marine Service Products (available soon)
  • System Architecture (available soon)
  • User Interfaces and User Experiences (available soon)

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